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Google Meets Starting a Google Meeting

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    Before you start

    • Check the system requirements for Hangouts.
    • Connect a microphone and speakers, and make sure they have the latest software.
    • To receive phone calls, text messages, and voicemails in Hangouts, you need to set up Google Voice or a Project Fi account, which are currently only available in the U.S.
    • Internet Explorer: Download and install the latest version of the Hangouts plugin. Currently, some versions of Firefox can’t be used to make video calls.
      Make sure you allow Hangouts to use your microphone.
      Make a phone call
      If you use Hangouts to make a phone call with a Google Voice account, it will show your Google Voice number.

    On your computer, go to Hangouts at or in Gmail.
    Click the Call tab Call.
    In the search box, type a phone number or name. To enter an international country code, click the menu or type it into the search box (for example, +55 for Brazil).
    Click the phone number or person’s name that you want to call.
    To enter an extension, click the Dialpad Dialpad.
    To end a call, close the Hangout window, or click End call End call. The call will also end if you run out of calling credit.

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